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    Premium Home Inspections


    We have identified the most common problems that appear on home inspection reports and we are FIXING THEM, for FREE as we inspect.

    Our Mission is to provide a level of service that so far exceeds other inspection companies, that it just doesn't make sense to do business with anyone else. 


    Here is a list of the things we will work to ensure DON'T show up on the next home inspection report you order:


    1. Mudding / Taping of Holes in Garage Firewalls
    2. Adding CO & Smoke Alarms 1
    3. Lubricating sliding windows and doors
    4. Missing Outlet & Switch Covers Replaced
    5. Replacing Bad Standard & GFCI Outlets
    6. Waterproof Covers for Exterior Outlets
    7. Faulty Light Switches replaced
    8. Missing Door Stops replaced
    9. Garage to house Fire Door Auto Closers replaced or adjusted
    10. Missing or damaged AC Refrigerant Line Insulation replaced
    11. Missing Light Bulbs replaced
    12. We spray paint over minor Water Stains (white for drywall, tan for wood) 2
    13. Missing Gas Wrenches added at meters
    14. Missing Gas Caps installed
    15. Spigot Replacement (for handle leaks)
    16. Gutter Seam repair (silicon caulking)
    17. Missing Window Locks replaced with Auxiliary Locks
    18. Failed Gas Stove Igniters replaced
    19. Missing Combustion Air Screens replaced
    20. Air Filter replacement / cleaning
    21. Caulking of plumbing fixtures & toilets
    22. Replacement of Smoke Detector Batteries
    23. Covers provided for Electrical Panel Gaps
    24. Water Heater Bonding
    25. We replace Gas Lines made from no longer approved materials
    26. We Grind down Strike-Plates so that doors will latch
    27. Replacement of missing or Sharp Electrical Panel Screws
    28. Open Junction Boxes covered
    29. Damper-Stops added for gas fireplaces
    30. Sealing Gaps at gas pipes in fireplaces
    31. Exposed interior wiring placed in conduit
    32. Shower Diverter Valves replaced
    33. Etc.,


    The Details & Fine Print


    Every home is different.  One in a thousand homes have no reportable findings.  The average inspection yields 20-40.  Occasionally we encounter the "fixer-upper" with 60-100+ reportable deficiencies.    


    The objective with our Premium Inspection is to render an uncommon level of value by providing an extremely thorough inspection and at the same time a cleaner home inspection report by eliminating items when possible as or after we inspect.  It is solely at the inspectors discretion what if any upgrade / maintenance items to address.  We are not and do not contract to do any repairs.  We will fix what we can, as we inspect in the time we have.  We are always open to request on what items to address.  Our goal is to helpful above and beyond other home inspection companies.


    The following information and  provisions apply to Premium Home Inspections:


    1. A premium inspection must be authorized by the current property owner or their legal representative.  This authorization consists of an agreement and waiver.  

    2. No money is charged or accepted for any repairs, upgrades or maintenance items.

    3. Reimbursement is requested for the cost of some items such as smoke and CO detectors.

    4. Premium inspections are optional.  We're also happy to provide standard inspections.

    5. We request a 4 hour time be set aside for premium inspections so that we can accomplish as much as possible.


    Have you heard about the other ways we've always added value ?


    • No additional costs for roof inspections.  (And no more excluded roofs because they’re too high unless it’s a no fly zone.)


    • Free aerial photos or video, if requested, for virtual tours / listing portals.


    • Tandem booking for termite inspections.3


    • Infrared inspection of electrical panels.


    • 24 Hour turnaround of our clear, easy to read, reports.



    And Free repairs.


    Thereby cleaner reports.